ADHD / Behavioral Evaluations

ADHD/Psychoeducational evaluations determine:

  • Whether a child or adult meets criteria for ADHD/ADD
  • How severe the impairment is
  • How it is affecting other areas of functioning
  • Whether other factors are affecting behavior or cognitive functioning
  • Recommendations for improvement in different areas of functioning

For example, anxiety, depression, and processing disorders, to name a few, can manifest in very similar ways to ADHD.

ADHD/Psychoeducational evaluations consist of tests that measure:

  • General cognitive abilities
  • Attention
  • Activity
  • Distraction
  • Processing
  • Memory
  • Learning
  • Executive functions
  • Psychological functioning

Children’s brains are very “plastic”, making neurological changes faster and easier than in adults. Because of this, early intervention is important!