We know what we are, but not what we may be

Ophelia (Hamlet)

Katalin Eckstein, Psy.D. Founder

I am a licensed Clinical Neuropsychologist and Licensed Mental Health Counselor specializing in brain-body connection for over 20 years. My theoretical perspective is psycho-dynamic, focusing on object relations, attachment, personality development, neuropsychological functioning, cognitive retraining, skill building, behavioral medicine, parenting, motivational enhancement, and addictions, in addition to cognitive therapies and assessment. By using insight oriented therapy, trauma resolution therapy, cognitive behavioral, and motivational techniques, building resilience and psycho-education, I work to empower and build on each client’s strengths. I have extensive experience with adults, adolescents, and children. My direct yet loving approach helps people build on self-love and self-actualization, while empowering people to improve. My expertise in neuropsychology helps me work with clients using principles of neuroplasticity in the assessment, treatment, and the healing process.